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The "InnoBovino Desarrollo y Engorde" application is a tool designed for the development and fattening livestock production system, which allows application users to record and view data on their animals, paddocks and farms in general, in addition to functionalities administrative and push notifications. InnoBovino is not responsible for failures that occur when using the application in another livestock production system.


These terms and conditions will govern the relationship between the users of the application and the company BillFish Labs, which operates under the Sociedad Anónima "Potenciadora de Emprendimientos Orozco Sociedad Anónima", with legal identification number 3-101-797126.


Any communication that the user deems necessary, may be made through the application or by contacting the email 


The terms and conditions written below must be compulsorily complied with by the user who, in addition to expressly accepting what is written in this document when entering the application, demonstrates their consent by using the application with their unique username and password. .


Violation of any of the terms stipulated in this document authorizes InnoBovino to terminate the user who violates the rules. Likewise, any economic or physical damage that occurs as a result of the transgression of what is stipulated in these terms and conditions, will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user. InnoBovino will not be responsible for any damages suffered as a result of non-compliance with the rules set forth in this document, which are listed below:


FIRST: User creation. The person who wants to use the application must create a username and password. The registration of persons under 16 years of age will not be allowed. The user will correspond exclusively to a natural person.


To do this, you must enter the following personal data:

  1. Full name.

  2. ID number.

  3. Place of residence.

  4. Description of the farm.

  5. Email.

  6. Authorization for the application to use the GPS location of the mobile phone where the application is used and additional signage to identify the place where the service will be provided.


By entering this data, the user authorizes InnoBovino to use the personal information entered for company promotional purposes and to send important communications about the company and the operation of the application.


InnoBovino, in strict compliance with the Costa Rican legal system, is committed to protecting user information. Personal information will be protected and used in accordance with the Law for the Protection of the Person against the processing of their personal data, law number 8968 of July 7, 2011 and in accordance with its respective Regulation (Executive Decree number 37554 of October 30 of 2012).


SECOND: Password creation. Once the personal data described above has been entered, the user must create a password, which must have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one symbol.


The password will correspond exclusively to the user created and must not be provided for any purpose to third parties. InnoBovino will never request, by any means, the user's password information.


If the password is shared, InnoBovino is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the use of the password to the detriment of the user. Likewise, if there is damage against InnoBovino as a result of the user sharing the password with third parties, the user will be responsible for repairing said damages.


THIRD: GPS location. Once the user has completed the creation of his username and password, he must authorize the InnoBovino application to obtain the location of his mobile phone through GPS.


InnoBovino will use the GPS system in conjunction with the Google Maps platform, so that farms can be easily located, to provide a better service to users.


InnoBovino will not be able to obtain the location of users who are not with the application active on their mobile phones. Likewise, these data will be protected in accordance with the laws stipulated in the first clause of this document.


FOURTH: Subscriptions. Users, in order to use InnoBovino, need a subscription. There are different types of subscriptions, starting with the free subscription, which is valid for three months. Once the free subscription period has ended, the user will only be able to recover the data entered when they upgrade to a paid subscription. 


Paid subscriptions are valid for one year and differ in the number of records that can be entered. The user makes a payment each year to InnoBovino, to enjoy the service stipulated in the subscription of the application that he has paid for. After fifteen calendar days of delay without InnoBovino receiving payment from the user, the information of your account and your user will be blocked, they will remain blocked for fifteen calendar days, so that there is the possibility of recovering the account. Once the fifteen calendar days have passed after the account has been blocked, the account will be deleted and it will not be possible to recover it.


The application will notify fifteen calendar days before the subscription ends, so that the user is aware of the next expiration of their subscription and avoid inconveniences due to non-payment. Once the subscription is paid, you can enjoy one more year of the benefits of InnoBovino.


Changes in subscription prices will be notified in advance to users by the means used by InnoBovino, so that it is known to customers and will only affect the next purchase of the subscription.


FIFTH: Determination of prices. The prices that are handled within InnoBovino will be automatically determined by the application according to the needs of the market. 


SIXTH: Suggestions and return policy. The user who has actually enjoyed a service, may make suggestions to improve the application's operation, through the space provided by the application when rating the service or through the email InnoBovino is not obliged to comply with the suggestions made by the user.


SEVENTH: User cancellation. The user, at any time and without any penalty, may exit the InnoBovino platform. To do this, you must enter the "Edit Account" option and select the "Delete Account" option. If the user unsubscribes, their information will be deleted from the InnoBovino database in fifteen calendar days from the day they unsubscribed. If the user attempts to login within fifteen calendar days before deleting the account, the account will be reactivated.


If the user deletes the application from their mobile phone, this will not delete the user's account from the InnoBovino digital database. On the contrary, account deletion can be carried out without the need to delete the application, through the steps described in the first paragraph of this clause.


EIGHTH: Shared users. The InnoBovino App allows the collaboration of other users on the same farm. This in order to generate collaboration between the users of the App.


InnoBovino is not responsible for information theft, data misappropriation or other damage that is due to the information of a user, who gave access to his offender.


InnoBovino offers the option to limit the actions allowed to guest users in order to avoid these situations. 


NINTH: Deadline. This contract will be effective from the moment the user accepts the terms and conditions in the application and will be valid until the user deletes his account or InnoBovino closes the App.


TENTH: Modifications. InnoBovino may make changes to these terms and conditions, which will be notified to users through the application. These modifications may be accepted by the user in the application. The non-acceptance of the modifications will mean a termination of the contract and an automatic elimination of the user from the application.


The consent of these terms and conditions is necessary for the use of the application.


ELEVENTH: By using the App, the user accepts that we can show advertisements that we consider relevant to the user and their interests. We use the data entered to help determine which ads will be shown.

TWELFTH: Permission to update the software used or downloaded by the user. If you download or use our software, you grant us permission to download and install updates to the software, where applicable.

THIRTEENTH: Update of our Terms and Conditions. InnoBovino works continuously to optimize its processes and develop new features that improve the products and services offered to the user and our community. Therefore, these Terms and Conditions may need to be updated from time to time to accurately reflect the services and practices that may be performed within the App. Changes will only be made if the provisions are no longer adequate or incomplete. and whether such changes are reasonable and take into account the interests of the user.


A notification will be sent (for example, by email or through our products) at least thirty days before modifying these Terms and Conditions, the user will have the possibility to review the changes before they take effect, unless the changes are required by law. Once the updates to the Terms and Conditions are implemented, you will be bound by them if you continue to use our products. If you do not accept, the user is free to delete the account.

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